Who Would Have Thought

Type: Slash
Summary: Starsky makes love to Hutch for the first time.
Series: And There Was Light
Sequel to: And There was Light 

Who would have thought that making love to a man could be like this? Not to a man. To Hutch. His Hutch. His partner. His best friend. His beloved Kenneth Richard Hutchinson.

The mere thought of the name made Starsky tremble, as he slowly thrust in and out of the soft, creamy body he was worshipping.

The mechanics of the physical act were the same ones he had performed hundreds of times since his teenage years. And yet, looking down at himself now, everything felt new, pure, virgin.

Virgin! A few weeks ago, he would have laughed to think of himself as virginal in any sense of the word. But this was nothing like he had experienced before.

He had dreamt of this for so long that he had run out of ideas months ago. He had fantasized about he and Hutch making love for over a year. He had imagined them in every possible and impossible position, place and situation.

But no matter how vivid and active his imagination was, the real thing was simply unimaginable, beyond any realm.

Tonight was their first time. The first time he was burying himself in Hutch's body.

They had agreed for Hutch to be on the receiving end first. His blond angel was still convalescent from his broken ribs. Although a month had passed and Hutch was almost completely healed, Starsky had insisted time and again on doing most of the work, so Hutch wouldn't put too much strain on his newly knit bones. Hutch had relented, knowing only too well how pig-headed Starsky could get about his well-being.

They had gotten rid of the elastic dressing protecting Hutch's torso a week ago, and finally, Starsky had been able to look at and touch his partner's naked body without any obstacles standing in his way.

Since they had uncovered their mutual love, five weeks and a half ago, they had only engaged in oral and "manual" sex, as they affectionately called it. It had been a slow, innocent and joyful discovery of each other's bodies, of what they liked most, of how they wanted it; and they had perfected it to the virtuoso level. New at male-to-male sex, they had instinctively known what to do and how to do it, just the way they had always known how to do anything together.

Sharing, endless hours of lovemaking; lying in bed looking at each other in total rapture, until pleasure as they had never known swept them away and took them on a trip to heaven, deep into each other's souls. They had lain awake for hours, staring into each other's eyes, smiling, kissing, caressing and cuddling each other until sleep claimed them. Thus had they existed the first week, exactly the time Starsky had been on sick leave granted by Dobey, tending his partner. One week after being released from the hospital, Dr. Lester had taken out the remaining stitches in Hutch's belly, astonished at his patient's recovery. The speed of Hutch's healing was unlike anything Dr. Lester had seen in all his years as a doctor, and the new lovers shared a quick, intense and knowing look, only too aware of what the secret of that miraculous healing was.

Hutch's recovery progressed steadily. Amazingly, Dobey granted Starsky's request for desk duty until Hutch returned to work. Definitely, Dobey was mellowing in his 'old age'. Huggy visited them every few days, with armloads of food to fill Hutch's fridge to bursting, but he never stayed too long, always having some chore to take care of along the way.

It seemed life had decided to be lenient on them for a change, so they didn't question their good luck, just in case. It crossed their minds that their friends could suspect what was going on, what had changed between them, but they dismissed it. In any case, if Dobey and Huggy knew, they seemed to have no issues with it, so the two partners never gave it another thought.

And today, June 28, 1980, it was time.

Hutch's ribs were all but totally healed and he had regained the pounds lost during his ordeal. But even so, Starsky refused to listen to Hutch's reasoning. He would take care of his partner. Hutch only had to relax and enjoy Starsky's loving.

And judging from the soft, mewing sounds Hutch was making, Starsky knew his beloved friend was certainly enjoying his lovemaking. He didn't only know. Starsky could feel it in his bones, in his blood, as devastatingly as he felt Hutch's tight and velvety grip around him.

Starsky simply couldn't believe it. He couldn't believe it any of it. How it was, how it felt. He didn't feel like himself anymore. He had become someone else, something else. Hutch had changed him forever, had changed the way Starsky perceived himself and his place in the world. Hutch had broken him and put all his pieces back together, the way they should be. The way he should be.

Starsky sniffled, and his suddenly trembling hands grasped the quivering hips closer to him in a primal surge of claiming. Sweat was beginning to cover both their bodies, bonding them together in yet another wonderful way.

The curly-haired man couldn't look away. The sight before his eyes had him absolutely enthralled. His full to bursting dick appeared and disappeared in Hutch. Every throbbing cell of his body could feel his blond angel clinging to him every time he moved out of that warm haven; and opening up with a silent sigh of utter joy when he thrust back home, squeezing him and holding on to him maddeningly.

Starsky had never felt so welcomed in anyone's body before. Hutch welcomed him not only in body, but in spirit. With everything he was. Part of Starsky was floating above the bed, watching himself loving Hutch. He was deep in a musky cloud of love and desire, slightly detached from himself, and yet, more focused and self-aware than he had ever been. It was the eeriest blending of dream and reality.

He was feeling from so many different fronts that he couldn't linger on any of them, and that both frustrated and exhilarated him.

Emotions that couldn't possibly have a name - so sublime were they - enveloped him as he noticed the striking contrast of his dark, furry body, brushing against Hutch's smooth, pale, delicious softness.

So different they were! And yet, as it had always been between them, all those differences combined only created beauty. Everything about them was beautiful. And now, he was seeing it all from a new, mind-blowing perspective.

Starsky closed his eyes momentarily, if only to block out one of his senses. He was truly afraid of not being able to stand all the things he was feeling. The darkness within his mind was immediately filled with recent memories of a naked Hutch lying on the bed, as he applied a thorough, excruciatingly slow and sensual massage all over his blond's body.

He wanted Hutch completely relaxed around him when the time came, which wasn't a feat very difficult to accomplish, anyway. They had been completely relaxed around each other about five seconds after meeting each other's acquaintance.

Tonight, Hutch was on his stomach, vulnerable and open, trusting himself totally to Starsky's care as he had always done. Only this time, the significance of what they were about to do was so huge that Starsky's eyes filled with tears of humbleness and wonder.

Starsky had loved Hutch this way for an endless hour, from his toes up to his neck and then all the way back down. He could never get enough of that silky skin, that strong and perfect body. His palms and fingertips melted under that velvety touch. He found himself on the verge of orgasm just rubbing Hutch's flesh. He stroked, caressed, kneaded. He fondled forever, spurred on by Hutch's soft sighing and almost inaudible moaning.

Privately, Starsky came to a decision. If it hurt beyond a certain point, he wouldn't do it. They had suffered too much physical pain all these years, and they were extremely sensitive to that subject. He wasn't about to let Hutch be hurt again, and by him at that. No matter how much Hutch begged him and assured him that he could take it, they knew how unpredictable first times could be. He wouldn't allow Hutch to be hurt. Period. That was the main reason behind the massage. He wanted his partner's muscles loosened as they had never been before. They were in no hurry. They had all night ahead of them. All their lives. He would make it good for his angel.

They lost track of time. Hutch was purring incessantly, murmuring appreciative words, whispering incoherent endearments.

Starsky's head was spinning. The way Hutch 'touched' him down to his core would never cease to amaze him. And he gloried in the knowledge that it worked both ways. They didn't have to try. It simply was.

'Made for each other,' he thought, for the millionth time since they had come together all those weeks ago.

Right then, something inside him knew that everything would be all right. Tonight and forever.

His heart skipped a beat when, out of the blue, Hutch drew his knees beneath him, and presented himself in the universal gesture of total offering and trust.

Holding back tears and biting his lips in a monumental effort not to break down, Starsky reached for the tube of scented lubricant they had bought only a few days before, when they decided that the time for this kind of lovemaking had finally arrived.

His whole body felt hot, flushed, burning. He was pulsing with an all-encompassing feeling he had never known before.

Coating his thumbs, index and middle fingers and waiting until the gel warmed on his hands, Starsky slowly reached for the creamy body. His arms shook helplessly.

"Starsk." The soft, inviting and unthinkably erotic voice calmed him as if by magic.

With a shaky breath, Starsky touched Hutch's center. He spread the lotion all around the pink opening, unable to believe he was actually doing this. He massaged all around it, making tiny circles. Sweetly, adoringly. He made it so slippery that his fingers were inevitably drawn to the hollow entrance of love.

Taking a last breath, Starsky closed his eyes and let go, trusting their instinctive attunement to each other to guide him now.

He was practically unaware of what he was doing. He felt a wet heat enveloping his thumbtips and he went on massaging languorously, in tiny little circles.

His hearing was blown away by the sounds Hutch made. He had never heard anything like that. And he swore to commit the rest of his life to ensure Hutch made those sounds every single day for as long as they lived.

Starsky continued even more slowly and gently, if that was possible. Massaging, stroking, even pumping a little. Some time later, he let his thumbs slip out of Hutch and returned with his forefingers. He touched his beloved with just the tips and, wonderingly, Hutch simply opened up for him.

Gasping in total disbelief, Starky watched his fingers entering Hutch as smoothly as a river flowing into the sea.

"Now, Starsk. Please. I need you. Oh, please, babe. Come into me now."

Something in Hutch's tone took any remaining fear away from Starsky's thoughts, and oblivious of his hands preparing himself to become one with Hutch, he edged closer to the enticing, alluring body. Centering himself carefully behind his partner, Starsky looked at their bodies for a second, strangely detached from the scene.

It was a surreal feeling. The newness of it all hit him like a freight train. They had shared everything for the last ten years. They had seen each other under any circumstance, in every position, in every possible and impossible situation. Except this.

Here he was, poised above his dearest friend, who was on all fours in front of him, ready and eager to receive him within his body.

Sweet Jesus! He was about to penetrate Hutch!

The scope of the scene almost made him black out. He didn't know why penetration had to make any difference, when they had already shared their bodies in every other way. It was absurd.

But Starsky was rendered speechless by the enormity of Hutch's gesture nonetheless. He was just as eager and ready to offer himself for Hutch's pleasure, but the sight of this still plateau... this was the moment of a lifetime. Their lifetime.

Sniffing at the sudden wetness in his nostrils, Starsky inched closer and rested the tip of his erection against Hutch's opening. It felt absolutely devastating. Like the sweetest kiss.

Hutch let out a sound that was halfway between a moan and a sob. The sound blended with the agonizing groan that left Starsky's throat.



Starsky's breathing and heartrate went off the scales. He-couldn't-believe-it! 'Easy, easy!' he cried out in his mind. 'Slow, real slow. Never hurt Hutch. Never hurt him!'

And then, wide-eyed, Starsky watched as Hutch started to open up for him. He wasn't exerting the slightest pressure and yet, Hutch was opening for him!

Instinctively, Starsky gripped the strong hips, steadying himself.

It was as if everything was happening out of sync. All his senses were concentrated on Hutch and himself. He shut out everything around them. Their whole universe had shrunk to every cell of their bodies. He could feel everything; his body, Hutch's body. He knew how his partner was responding to him and he knew exactly what he had to do.

Every one of his senses were heightened as they had never been before. It was just like their telepathic rapport in the streets, only raised now to the nth power. Magical. Perfect.

Offhand, he laughed at all the questions that had plagued him only a few minutes earlier. For the first time in his life, he had been afraid of his generous endowments hurting the being he was destined to please and belong to. Now, he was calling himself stupid for ever doubting.

Smiling in sheer bliss, Starsky moved forward infinitesimally just as Hutch moved backward, and the two lovers started becoming one.

Time stood still within their ecstatic minds. Nothing had ever felt so good and right. They held their breath for fear of missing a single second of this glory.

Starsky didn't dare to blink. He couldn't stop staring. The pink haven was opening more and more, as widely as necessary to accommodate his girth and thickness. Stretching more that it seemed comfortable to him, but obviously not to Hutch, if his erratic cries of pleasure gave any indication.

Starsky saw how inch after inch disappeared into Hutch. Smoothly, gently; until all of him was warm and safe inside the person he loved more than his very life.

The curly-haired man blinked then, in total incredulity. He could feel himself pulsing in his blond angel. He was wrapped in the warmest softness. The tightness was incredible; the sensations indescribable. He could feel Hutch's insides molding themselves to him, adopting his shape and size to receive him, engulfing him and keeping him sheltered within Hutch's life.

It was like an earthquake of emotions and sensations beyond anything he could imagine. And Hutch chose that precise moment to squeeze him gently, in the most overwhelming embrace he had ever been given.

Starsky thought he was going to die. He let out a tiny whimper and pumped once, in helpless answer.


Hutch's breathless cry was Starsky's undoing. All by itself, his body began thrusting slowly, tentatively.

"Ah, Starsk! Oh, baby!" Hutch's hand shot back and grabbed the back of Starsky's thigh right above his knee.

The heat of that hand branded Starsky with its fire. He felt himself being possessed, taken.

It was insane, he was the one inside Hutch and yet, he felt he was the one being taken!

The searing hand caressed him lovingly for a few moments and then, it moved away and returned to the matress, helping to support Hutch's weight.

In a flash of insight, Starsky's mind opened to another side of lovemaking he had never considered before. The feeling that followed was so humbling it brought tears to his eyes. He would never thank Hutch enough for opening his eyes to this knowledge and the beauty it carried within.

Starsky could only thank Hutch with his body, by giving him more love and pleasure than the blond could stand.

Never giving his own pleasure a single thought, Starsky concentrated everything he was on the man who had stolen his heart ten minutes after meeting him. He started moving again experimentally, looking down at the place where their bodies became one. Hutch made no signs of being in any pain, not even the slightest discomfort. It wasn't normal. But since when had anything about them been just 'normal'? Everything about their relationship was unique and extraordinary from the word go.

Starsky didn't question this perfection. He simply accepted it and revelled in it.

'Made for each other,' he reminded himself.

Casting any reservation to the wind, David Starsky anchored himself to his beloved partner's waist and began making love.

Hutch opened up and closed on him rhythmically, perfectly attuned to the throbbing music of their bodies. He moaned and sighed and let out incoherent endearments that Starsky did his best to respond to, with little avail. He could only bite his lips and breathe loudly, doing his best to prolong this bliss that he feared wasn't going to last long.

Starsky needed to get closer, so close they disappeared in each other. He pressed the front of his thighs to the back of Hutch's and resumed his enraptured stroking, rotating his hips, wanting to reach all the places inside Hutch's body, inside Hutch's soul.

Suddenly, Hutch cried out in a bone-chilling blending of surprise and something else that Starsky was unable to make out. Pleasure? Pain? He hesitated and his movements became momentarily erratic and shallow.

"Starsk! Again! Do that again! Oh, please, don't stop now, babe!"

Hutch's tone raised goosebumps all over Starsky's skin. Swallowing convulsively, he set out to comply with Hutch's request. It took him a couple seconds to get his bearings, but he secured his hold on the strong hips and started pumping again, paying more attention than ever to his thrusting movements, trying to cover every little corner inside Hutch.

One heartbeat later, Hutch let out another exultant shout of pleasure and joy. "That's it, Starsky! That's it! Oh, my love, don't ever stop! Oh, Jeeeezus, you're gonna kill me!"

Swept away in a feeling of euphoria as he had never known, Starsky began pumping enthusiastically, doing his best to maintain that position, so he could go on pleasuring his partner just the way Hutch liked it. He had never been so proud of himself. He could give pleasure to Hutch! They were perfect for each other in this, too! He knew in his mind it would be this way, but knowing it and experiencing it were two completely different things.

The pleasure he was getting from loving Hutch was about to drive him mad. The physical pleasure was out of this world, but the mental pleasure was indescribable. His body burned, his soul floated. His whole being felt about to explode.

Their bodies were gradually becoming slippery, as sweat beaded on their skin. Mesmerized, Starsky saw a single drop running down the side of Hutch's neck, and in a purely instinctive move, he bent forward over the broad back and licked the salty drop away.

The big body shuddered and feeling fiercely protective all of a sudden, Starsky let go of the sensual hips and wrapped his arms around the hairless torso, hugging Hutch to him in a passionate, desperate embrace.

He gloried in Hutch's smoothness. That skin was silk, velvet, softer even! He had never touched anything like it and he could never get enough. His hands couldn't stop roaming that heavenly paradise at every opportunity, let alone while making love.

Remembering those recently healed ribs, Starsky's heart ached and his hands immediately started a loving, reverent worshipping of Hutch's body. He caressed all over the ribcage and fondled and pinched the erect nipples gently, making Hutch groan. He ventured lower, tickling the tiny navel with the tip of his little finger, and his partner squirmed in delight.

A joyful grin appeared on the playful imp's face and his hands ventured ever lower, until his fingers touched the scar on the soft belly. He loved it with his fingertips and Hutch surged up against him, as if wanting to cuddle up to him.

Answering to the silent plea, Starsky hugged Hutch for all he was worth. Hutch melted into him with the sweetest sound of contentment.

Something touched the back of Starsky's hand then, and the man's eyes opened wide as he recognized Hutch's bobbing erection, swollen and so hard that it almost hurt when it hit him again. He had forgotten about Hutch's gorgeous dick! He had to be out of his mind! How could he have forgotten about pleasuring his beloved in return? How could he have denied Hutch so carelessly?

Full of remorse, Starsky took the long, thick organ in his hand and squeezed it passionately in heartfelt apology. Bashfully, his lips kissed the protruding shoulder-blade and he nuzzled the fragrant skin like a sorry cub.

To his complete surprise, Hutch's hand came up and took his hand, the hand that was desperately trying to make up to his lover for his unforgivable mistake, and moved Starsky's away from him.

"No, Starsk," said the softest voice, as the blond head turned and baby blue eyes met his with a heart-stopping intensity. "I wanna come just from feeling you inside me." The beautiful eyes misted with tears.

"But..."  Starsky protested.

Hutch shook his head and interlaced their fingers, resting his temple on Starsky's forehead, his face shining with more happiness than the dark-haired man thought possible.

"I want it to be like this. I dreamed of this," he smiled like an angel. "I'm so close already, babe... Please, love me. Love me like only you can," he asked, tightening himself on the full to bursting organ that was working its magic so deep inside him, Starsky had to be making love to his very soul. He wanted that man in him every single day for the rest of his life. He had no idea pleasure like this existed. Everything about him was a shimmering mass of tingling flesh.

"Oh, Hutch!" Starsky moaned, so overwhelmed by his beloved's generosity that he didn't know what to do or say to love Hutch the way he deserved.

He settled his chest on Hutch's back, drawing a sigh from his partner that immediately spurred him into action. He closed his eyes and concentrated every ounce of strength he had on Hutch. He wanted to disappear inside the body that was receiving him with more candor and selflessness than anyone ever had before. He could tell that Hutch wasn't sparing a single thought for his own pleasure. He was only thinking about Starsky, and getting his pleasure from the sharing of his own body with his darker mate.

Starsky knew that neither of them had ever been selfish with the women they had bedded and loved in the past. He had loved his Terry with every part of his heart and soul. But this! This was beyond compare. This was Hutch! Hutch's body taking him deep inside. This was Hutch's scent wrapped all around him. This was Hutch's back he was lying on, Hutch's hand he was clinging to. This was Hutch he was one with!

With a loud, ecstatic cry, Starsky let go. He began licking, kissing and nipping at every inch of skin within his reach. His hips took on a life of their own and they drilled the welcoming sanctuary he had been invited into. Every thrust was deeper than the last.

"Yes! Oh, yes!" Hutch exclaimed.

Starsky pumped harder and faster, goaded by his partner's exciting beyond belief screaming. "Like this?" He asked.


Straining forward, Starsky softly blew in the lovely ear so close to his mouth. "Like this?" He whispered suggestively, making them both shudder.


Starsky rotated his hips and stroked on and on, touching every tiny space within Hutch's body. "Like my lovin', baby?"

Hutch cried out with more pleasure than he could stand. "God, Starsk! If you only knew what you're doing to me! Please, oh please, don't ever let me go!"

"Never!" Starsky vowed, going from sexy to tender in a heartbeat. "All for you, Hutch! All for you!" He soothed, astonished at the tears that were falling from his eyes and pooling on Hutch's back. He squeezed the fingers of the hand he was attached to, and held the strong torso closer to him. He arched his hips again, looking for the spot that drove Hutch wild with pleasure.

"There! Right there, Starsk!", Hutch whimpered excitedly. "Ohmygod, I'm gonna come, darlin'! I'm gonna come in your arms!" He seemed utterly delirious in his babbling.

"Me too," Starsky found himself responding. "I'm gonna come in you, my angel! Oh, jeeeezus, Hutch!"

Starsky buried his face in the sweaty back, and let out a keening wail as the entire world began spinning around him. Only Hutch kept him sane and whole. He felt a sudden rush starting in his deepest recesses and surging outward like a geyser, a fiery volcano erupting for the very first time. Heat, burning like a billion fires seemed to envelop them both, and when his floodgates opened and his searing seed started spilling inside his beloved, Hutch began contracting around him, milking and squeezing his spurting erection to absolute glory.

Their timing was so perfect it didn't seem real. Starsky wanted to fuse his body with this man who had given him more that any person could give in a million lifetimes. He pressed himself down against that precious being, wanting to give all of him, all that he was, all he would ever be. He wanted to become Hutch, he wanted to reach so deep inside him no one would ever be able to tell them apart. He sobbed, he moaned; he let out the most amazing sounds that found a perfect mirror in Hutch's own cries of rapturous ecstasy.

The sounds Hutch made while coming made Starsky want to cry. Hutch had a direct line to his core. Every time they came together and he knew he had provoked his beloved's orgasm, that Hutch was coming because of him, for him, with him...

His brain couldn't take it, it surpassed everything he could grasp. Hutch and him. He and Hutch. He was coming inside Hutch and Hutch was coming just by feeling him deep within. The thought turned over and over in his head, and the exhilarating, mind-blowing knowledge increased his pleasure until he thought he was losing his mind. Losing it for real. He was coming in body and spirit. He was coming down to the last corner of his soul.

He couldn't stand it anymore. His left hand sought his partner's spurting member and held it in his warm, trembling palm. He worked it expertly, as Hutch let out the most unbelievable scream.

Hutch never looked as beautiful as when he came. He blossomed then. All that smooth and creamy body lit up and seemed to radiate a warm, inner light. His face opened up, holding nothing back; innocent, pure and sweet like a child's. He laughed and cried and glowed. And Starsky's pleasure soared at the sight he beheld.

Time stopped having any meaning. They were suspended in it like two translucent dragonflies, defying all the laws of the universe, demanding them to bend to their will.

The next thing Starsky knew, they had collapsed on the bed. Hutch's hips were still on the air, but his body was inert on the mattress, with him on top of it, both of them panting and gasping, and still in the throes of the most devastating orgasm they had ever known.

Starsky lost count of how many times Hutch squirted in his nurturing, worshipping hand. As for himself, he couldn't seem to stop spurting every drop of life he had deep inside his lover. He pressed forward desperately, wanting to slide his whole body into Hutch.

"Yes!" came Hutch's voice, muffled in the coverlet, as if he knew what Starsky was thinking.

And Starsky knew that Hutch knew what he was thinking. The beauty of it all was so humbling that the sounds leaving his throat took him by surprise. He wasn't laughing, he wasn't crying. He was weeping. Weeping as he had never wept before. He wept to release all the love and pleasure he was feeling. If he tried to hold back, even an iota of what he was experiencing, it would kill him.

Immediately, Hutch brought his partner's right hand up to his face, wiping his own tears away with it and covering it with frenzied kisses. Then, he held it against his chest. "Starsk?" he asked tentatively, breathless, while clenching his muscles around his beloved's erection again, as if trying to soothe it, and succeeding in drawing a final helpless squirt of semen out of it.

Starsky felt as if Hutch was closing a fist around his heart. "Oh, Hutch! My heart's crying with love for you!" he sobbed, not really knowing where those words were coming from.

A brutal shudder racked the big man pinned down beneath him, and a soft sob followed it.

Starsky rubbed himself comfortingly against the sweaty, fragrant body. His tongue began licking at the wet skin like a thirsty kitten. His left hand couldn't let go of his most precious treasure, the physical evidence of Hutch's love for him. He felt the thick organ still pulsing in his palm, only less and less now. It wasn't coming anymore, but it wasn't getting soft, either. It was too much to let it go so soon.

The two lovers' breathing slowly returned to normal. Kisses were continously dropped everywhere.

"My gorgeous, sexy, streetwise poet. I love you so, so much!" Hutch's voice was raw, hoarse, as if he had strained his vocal cords to their breaking point.

The naked emotion in the words shook Starsky to his soul. "My love. My sweet, perfect love," he replied. "Mine, all mine," he sighed, cradling that certainty to his heart.

"All yours forever," Hutch reassured, with the most contented smile on his face.

They remained like that for what seemed like hours, with Starsky breathing on Hutch, listening to the gentle murmur of his partner's life flowing within him. Tears dried on their eyes. Their arms and legs entwined around each other. They squirmed helplessly, undulating against each other, unable to stop.

"You okay, darlin'?" Starsky finally managed to say, looking down and placing a fervent kiss on the big mole below Hutch's shoulder-blade.

"Okay's a lame way to put it," answered the endearingly trembling voice. "You loved me inside out. You showed me heaven on earth. I never want to leave this bed. I want to feel like this forever."

Starsky smiled tiredly, but with a soul-deep fulfillment that made his heart sing. He nuzzled the sweaty back and rained dozens of little kisses on it. "I love to feel you breathing," he confessed out of the blue. "I love to feel your heart beating. I love to make love to you, baby. I don't ever wanna stop." Releasing one hand, he stroked down the sensual side and hip, and down the powerful thigh. "I wanna feel what you felt, too. I hope..."

"Did I make it good for you, Starsk?" Hutch blurted out.

Starsky's heart swelled with tenderness. His hand went on caressing down the knee and back up the golden body. "I just blew a year's supply inside you. Do you still need to ask, angel?"

Starsky rejoiced in the immediate blush that covered the back of Hutch's neck, his ears and the top of his shoulders. He could only imagine the color of the handsome face now, still buried in the bedcovers. "Didn't you feel it? Don't you know?" he whispered into the red ear closest to his lips.

The depth and richness of the low voice filled the pale skin with goosebumps, as the blond head nodded shyly.

Unable, and unwilling, to help himself, Starsky reached out and stroked the side of Hutch's face with the backs of his fingers. His partner's unexpected bouts of shyness aroused his protective instincts now even more than usual.

"I... I felt you comin' inside me," the lovely voice said, still bashful, but full of wonder at the same time. Hutch suddenly turned his head, offering the right side of his face for Starsky's loving. He looked so much like a cub in need of pampering that Starsky moved up the long body, still embedded home.

"Really?" he asked, kissing the rosy cheek. He had no idea it was possible to be so happy in this life.

The blond head nodded again. "No words, Starsk. No words to describe..." his voice choked and Hutch cleared his throat, trying to hide it.

"I can't wait to know how it feels, lover," Starsky murmured passionately into the delicious ear, sucking playfully on the lobe. "I can't wait to feel this gorgeous fella in me," he sighed, squeezing the slightly deflated organ in his hand.

A joint shudder ran through their bodies in advance of the future delights that awaited them.

"Thank you for this, Hutch," the playful tone was gone all at once. "I hope I can make it as good for you as you made it for me." Starsky made a short pause. "I hope I made it right for you tonight."

Hutch heard the hesitant question in the words and his heart suddenly felt too big for his chest. "God, Starsk! Just knowing it was you... Just knowing!" He exclaimed.

The curly head nodded and lay down on the back of Hutch's shoulder. The free hand roamed the long arm up and down, and Starsky smiled at the sight of the fine blond hairs there raising as if they had been electrified. Funny, the hairs on his body were reacting the same way, too!

"Just knowing it was you inside me... Moving so deeply, reaching into my heart..." Hutch went on in a husky voice.

"So warm and tight..." Starsky remembered with another shudder.

"...so good and right," Hutch's voice was utterly dreamy.

They smiled at their magical connection reasserting itself again.

"I was burning in your loving, babe. I'm consumed with it."

Starsky grasped the strong shoulder and kissed it. "Are we always this soapy in the afterglow?" he asked. But Hutch could feel the amused and caring affection behind the words.

"Yes," he replied, reaching back blindly and burying his fingers in the luscious curls resting on his back.

Starsky purred and nuzzled his partner's skin as Hutch massaged his scalp lazily. "Want me to get offa ya?" It suddenly dawned on Starsky he had to be crushing Hutch under his weight.

"No!" was the almost frightened answer. "I'm all right. Please, just stay where you are."

"Inside you?" Starsky's sultry, sensual voice whispered into his beloved's ear.

Hutch trembled from head to toe. "Yes. Inside. You don't know how you feel in me, Starsk. It's so comforting. God, I feel I've been waiting for this moment all my life." He swallowed hard. "I'm full of you and I don't wanna let you go."

"I don't wanna let you go, either," Starsky replied, fondling the mostly softened organ in his palm.

Hutch moaned helplessly at the delicate handling. "Your arm'll go to sleep," Hutch reached beneath himself and rubbed the trapped forearm softly. "It's okay, love. I need both your arms around me now."

Reluctantly, Starsky released his pride and joy. He brought up his hand, very wet with Hutch's semen. Starsky marveled at the quantity, especially knowing that most of it had to be on the sheets beneath Hutch's body. He rubbed his fingers, feeling its texture, as he had done lots of times by now. When he separated his fingers, thin threads bridged the small distance between them.

Without thinking, Starsky licked Hutch's seed off his fingers with long, hungry, greedy sweeps of his tongue, collecting every single blob and savoring it like the most exquisite meal before swallowing it. He had never tasted anything so delicious! Must be all that health food. Hutch was good enough to eat! All of him!

Starsky sucked his own fingers, devouring every little trace of Hutch's semen on them and making the most arousing, slurping sounds.

Hutch looked up curiously and the sight that greeted his eyes practically sent him up the wall. "Starsk! For God's sake, Starsky!" he moaned, almost having a second orgasm at the devastating vision.

"Mmmmm, yummm," Starsky stated, licking his lips erotically.

"You wanna kill me, don't you?" Hutch gasped, blushing to the roots of his hair, mesmerized by those glistening wet lips and fingers.

Starsky looked down at him with the sensual and seductive grin that drove him crazy. Bending forward, he took Hutch's mouth in a ravaging kiss that made their toes curl.

Instinctively, Hutch tightened himself around Starsky, making him squeak and wrap his arms around his ribcage, holding him to the hairy chest possessively.

Starsky lost his balance and the two lovers toppled over onto their sides, still joined and clinging to each other's lips as if there was no tomorrow.

They French kissed and ravaged one another's lips until they were blue in their faces. Finally, they let go at the same time, when they were about to black out from lack of oxygen. They clung to each other's bodies, panting, sated, in heaven.

"Oh, babe. What you do to me!" Starsky groaned, kissing the side of Hutch's neck.

Hutch smiled, reaching back and caressing the downy thigh, pressed close against his own. "That should be my line, love. But ditto." His nostrils flared and he shivered when Starsky nuzzled him behind the ear. Since he had confessed a couple weeks ago that was one of his hot spots, Starsky chose very carefully every time he touched him there. And the shameless imp invariably found the perfect moment to do it!

"I'm very happy, Hutch," Starsky suddenly whispered into his ear.

The heartbreaking, soulfelt way Starsky said the words made Hutch bite his lower lip, feeling a knot forming in his guts. He swallowed audibly and tried to say something, anything. No words came out of his mouth.

"But you know what makes me happier?"

Hutch shook his head, his eyes filling with unexpected tears. Christ, this man was so deep inside him that sometimes he was convinced that Starsky's blood flowed through his veins!

"To bring you pleasure," Starsky murmured, his voice calming and soothing like an intimate caress. "Do you know how I feel when I feel you coming in my arms? Do you have any idea what it's like to know that you're coming because of me? That my loving made you come? Do you know what that does to me? Do you know that I come just because you're coming?"

"Starsk! Please!" Tears streamed down Hutch's face.

"Your pleasure is my pleasure. Your joy is my joy," Starsky's voice was trembling now. "I loved you since the day I was born. I'll love you till the day I die and beyond, Hutch."

The strong hand roamed Hutch's chest and belly. Up and down and from side to side. Starsky alternated stroking his beloved with his palm flat on the golden body and with his fingertips only. Hutch felt himself being worshipped. He trembled like a leaf, trusting himself with all his heart to the man who was flesh of his flesh. "Starsk..."

"You're so beautiful, Hutch. I could look at you for the rest of my life and never get tired. I'm dying here, inside you. Inside your warm body. Let me stay in you forever, baby!"

Hutch grasped the hand making love to him, interlaced his fingers with it, brought it to his lips and kissed it maddeningly, wetting it with his tears. "God help me. I d-don't d-deserve you, Starsky!" he stuttered in between kisses. "I'll commit the rest of my life to earning that honor." He squeezed the now hardening organ inside him, wanting to love it the way this amazing man deserved. Unable to help himself, he began rotating his hips. In sensual, slow, little circles.

Starsky slipped his left arm under the squirming body and held Hutch safe within his embrace. He wrapped his right leg around Hutch's right hip and started moving again. He wasn't stroking, he wasn't thrusting. He was merely undulating his hips and sliding home after completing a full rotation. Their bodies were guiding them, showing them the most perfect way of loving each other.

"Don't stutter, my blue-eyed angel. You don't have to. Not with me. Never with me," Starsky murmured, burying his face in the long strands of blond hair and sniffing at it. The blending of Hutch's sweat, his shampoo and his natural scent was intoxicating, and he filled his lungs with it. He inhaled deeply time and again, wishing to take that scent with him the day he died. "Dance with me?" he asked, not knowing where those words were coming from.

Hutch kissed the back of his partner's hand one last time and brought the arm around him, trapping himself in Starsky's constricting embrace, never wanting to let go. "Always, my love. Forever. Forever..." he chanted, as a string of endless moaning left his lips.

The two lovers found a perfect rhythm, simply undulating their hips and pressing against each other. Soon, their upper bodies followed the cadence of their silent music. Starsky started rubbing his chest against Hutch's back, almost dying at the feel of his erect nipples sliding all over that silky skin. Hutch pressed back against him and moved his upper body in leisurely circles in the opposite direction, making the contact so intense that Starsky thought he would faint. They entwined their legs, caressing them up and down with their feet.

"Yes... Like this... No hurry... Just like this," Starsky encouraged, kissing the back of Hutch's neck and having a long lick of the delicious flesh. He had never felt more like a dancer than he felt now. He was performing the most beautiful mating dance with the love of his life. He could feel the texture of every second as it passed, as they defied time itself with their rapturous lovemaking.

"Oh, Starsk... So perfect..." Hutch bit his lips, trembling all over, wondering if he would survive this heavenly loving.

Starsky held him closer, protectively. All his body seemed to pulse, tingling softly like a swinging bell. "Slow... very slow..." He sighed, writhing in perfect synchronicity with his beloved partner.

"Yes," Hutch answered.

"Like this," Starsky answered back, kissing the top of the strong shoulder closest to him and resting his cheek there, caressing himself with the warm skin.

"Love me," Hutch asked.

Starsky wiped away his helpless tears in the back of the creamy shoulder. "I do. Feel it, Hutch. Feel my love filling you," he begged.

"I do. Oh, I do! Good God, this can't be happening to me!" Hutch groaned.

Starsky placed his hand on the wildly beating heart, desperate to soothe it. "I'm here, darling. Right here where I belong, inside you," he crooned.

"Oh, baby!"

"So good in you..."

"Yes. Yes, in me... so deep in me..."



"Together forever."

"Ah! Yessss..."

"Forever, Hutch."